Pipe beveling and pipe cold cutting for weld edge preparation

We developed the perfect machine for orbital cutting and orbital pipe bevel

DWT GmbH is a family owned 29 year old company located in the industrial heart of Germany. We are specialized in pipe beveling machines, pipe cold cutting machines and accessories for welded pipes in pipe welding operations. With sales offices and distributors all around the world we support our customers in various market segments, like oil & gas, shipbuilding, boiler manufacturing industry and power station service.

The German boiler manufacturer BABCOCK has developed the pipe bevel machine for heavy wall pipe with “know-how” of their own workers on-site. The product range is ergonomically designed, has a low weight due to aluminum alloy construction, has a big range and can be used for many special operations with an outstanding performance. DWT GmbH in Bottrop, Germany is the license  maker of this product range worldwide.
Pipe beveling equipment

Pipe beveling

Pipe beveling machines for weld edge preparation

Pipe cutting and beveling machine

Pipe cutting and beveling machine

Pipe cutting and beveling machine for heavy wall pipes

Pipe welding tools

welding tools

Pipe jacks, pipe alignment clamps for pipe and pipeline welding

Tube sheet weld removal

Tube sheet weld

Pipe beveler for tube sheet weld removal

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Exhibitions of DWT

Exhibitions of DWT

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