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фаскосниматель для труб MF4i

The pipe beveling machine MF4i is designed for the preparation of pipe ends, branches and headers. It is used to process pipe walls, to cut pipes or to chamfer welds at steam bloc vessels. The machine is equipped with two air motors. The clamping device of the machine is regulated by a ratchet and the feed device by a star handle.

фаскосниматель для труб MF4i

Технические характеристики:
  • Диапазон работ: 58 - 219,1 мм
  • Диапазон зажима: 58 - 217 мм
  • Максимальная толщина стенки трубы: 25 мм
  • Получаемая форма фаски: I, V или U-образная
  • Подача: вручную
  • Величина подачи: 30 мм
  • Тип привода: пневматический

  • Высокая производительность
  • Быстрый и безопасный зажим
  • Жесткая и компактная конструкция
  • Удобство в работе
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Further Informations:
Machine operation
The machine is driven with two pneumatic motors. The air supply of the pneumatic drive is done with a safety-turning valve, to operate the motor. By throttling the air supply, the motor speed can be controlled.

The machine is fixed in the pipe through a self-centering sleeve with exchangeable clamping jaws that act on the ID. The sleeve is operated with an attachable ratchet on the back on the machine. The feed of the milling spindle works manually by a star handle that can be regulated accurately. The handbars of the star handle should be removed from the machine for any transport purposes. Using them for transportation is prohibited. For this purpose, the machine is equipped with two side bars.

Tools and equipment
Several tools that can be used are HSS tool bits or inserts with insert holder, which are clamped in a tool holder adapted to the processing size. To cover the whole clamping field from 58 - 217 mm ID only one sleeve and one blade holder are needed.
фаскосниматель для труб MF4i ✓ Высокая производительность ✓ Диапазон обработки 58- 219 mm ✓ 25 mm Макс. толщина стенки трубы ➤ ВЫУЧИТЬ БОЛЬШЕ
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