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Boiler panel sawing system for waterwall panels

In maintenance of industrial high pressure steam boilers panel wall cold cutting is an important step before weld preparations. To avoid any heat affected zone (HAZ) on the boiler tubes of the water wall panels, the sawing of the defective panel wall tubes should be done not by flame cutting but instead with the BWC cutting system, that uses abrasive saws. The system increases safety of workers and works with high productivity. Due to the straight cut you will have less wearing of cutting discs and caused by the high cutting quality you have less after work, after removing boiler tube failures.

Boiler Panel Saw

Technical Details:
  • Power: 4400 W
  • Max. cutting depth with new cutting blade: aprox. 85 mm
  • Max. pipe diameter (OD): 63,5 mm
  • Rail material: Aluminium
  • No heat affected zone
  • increased safety of workers
  • less wearing of cutting discs
  • high productivity
  • high cutting quality
BWC Boiler Panel Saw
BWC Boiler Panel Saw

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