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Steel Pipe Alignment clamps

Our SC Pipe Alignment Clamps are made of sink forged steel, which provide enough clamping force to meet the requirements for all the pipe dimensions within the range of 1”-14” (25mm-355mm). The screws are made with stainless steel balls to avoid corrosion.

All steel clamps can be used for fixing pipes during the welding process. Stainless Sleeves can be mounted on the SC Clamp so it can be used for Stainless Steel, Duplex and other high alloy steel types. Welding of pipe-pipe and pipe-fitting is easily carried out with SC Clamp.

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Steel Pipe Alignment Clamp

  • 5 models available
  • For centering and alignment pipes in welding process
  • Easy clamping, adjustment
  • Clamping screws with stainless steel ball head
Clamping ranges:
  • Type SC13: 1 - 3" (25-76 mm)
  • Type SC25: 2 - 5" (50-127 mm)
  • Type SC47: 4 - 7" (101-172 mm)
  • Type SC59: 5 - 9" (127-228 mm)
  • Type SC1014: 10 - 14" (254-355 mm)

Steel Pipe Alignment Clamps
Steel Pipe Alignment Clamps

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