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Pipe chain clamps

Our pipe chain clamps for welding alignment have been designed to offer the welder or pipefitter the best of both worlds, firstly a clamp with the strength and ability to align and lightly reform pipes and secondly, lightweight design and construction for ease of use. One clamp can fit a wide range of sizes and the entire circumference of the pipeline can be welded without removing the clamp. Each clamp for aligning can fit-up elbows, Tees, Flanges, End-caps and most of other fittings. All pipe chain and screws are zinc pasivated to eliminate weld spatter and corrosion. Stainless steel models are also available. A high tensile offers a safe alignment of the pipe.

Jackbars, jackscrews and chainlinks are available seperately to modify the clamp to smaller or larger diameters. To change the jackbars only a tong or a ratchet is necessary.

Medium Single Pipe Chain Clamps

Single Pipe Chain Clamps

Range: 8-60" (203-1524 mm)
Max. Wall thickness: 12,7 mm

Medium Double Pipe Chain Clamps

Double Pipe Chain Clamps

Range: 8-60" (203-1524 mm)
Max. Wall thickness: 12,7 mm

Pipe chain clamps for welding alignment ✓ Singlechain or Doublechain available ✓ Clamping ranges 8 - 60" ✓ Max. wallthickness: 20 mm ✓ ➠ LEARN MORE
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