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Internal Line-Up Clamps

The welding quality in pipeline construction is crucial and has to fullfil worldwide standards, certified by international authorities. Companies like Norske Veritas have set up guidlines, to avoid defects and therfore environment and health risks, by use of the best pipeline equipment. Very important is the choice of the correct internal line-up clamp for weld preparation, to compensate tolerances of pipe manufactures and to avoid edge misalignment during welding process. Internal line-up clamps are the moste frrequently used alignment equipment nowadays, because it provides a full access to the weld seam during the entire welding process.
Benefits Internal Line-Up Clamps
Line-up of pipes in pipeline construction can be done with hydraulic or pneumatic clamps. But internal hydraulic line-up clamps offer various benefits:
  • Feet have no to be adjusted to each ID
  • Bigger range of clamping
  • No icing problem caused by compressed air
  • Lower Weight
  • Reduce maintenance
  • No high pressure compressor necessary
  • No time limitation by air tank
Which is the right internal line-up clamp?
Technicale inquiry should contain as follows:
  • Pipe ID dimensions (range)
  • Pipe wall-thickness
  • Material of pipe
  • Special problmes: e.g. internally coated, concrete inside....
Internal Line-Up Clamps manual

Internal Line-Up Clamps manual

Range: 6" - 24"

Internal Line-Up Clamps automatic

Internal Line-Up Clamps automatic

Range: 18" - 60"

Internal Line-Up Clamps ✓ Fast and Accurate Adjustment ✓ Range: 6-60 inch ✓ No tag weld needed ✓ Avoiding oval pipe problem ✓ Most precise ➠  LEARN MORE
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