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Internal Line-Up Clamps automatic

Internal Line-Up Clamps automatic

Technical Details:
  • Pipe Sizes from 24" - 60"
  • Automatic Stop with light sensor
  • Wheels, motor, drive and pump "all on board"
  • Four batteries with charger (60-80 joints/battery)
  • Wireless remote control

  • Full access to the weld seam
  • Fast and accurate adjustment
  • Use at MAG, Orbital welding
  • Avoiding oval pipe problem
  • Equal force applied by all around shoes
  • Most precise axial adjustment
  • No tag weld needed

Internal Line-Up Clamp automatic
Internal Line-Up Clamp automatic

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Internal Line-Up Clamps automatic ✓ Automatic Stop ✓ Range: 24 - 60 inch ✓ Light Sensor ✓ Wireless remote control ✓ All on board  ➠  LEARN MORE
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