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Heavy Double Pipe Chain Clamps

Our heavy double pipe chain clamps are extrem powerful to adjust and align pipes with a wall-thickness up to 20 mm. The Pipe Chain Clamps can always be modified to smaller or larger Pipe dimensions simply by changing the number of Chain Links and Jack-Bars and are available with a single chain or a double chain.

The weight of the Double Pipe Chain Clamp is from 39,4 kg up to 86,8 kg.

The Single Chain Clamp is suitable for pipe-pipe, pipe-T-piece, pipe-bend and pipe-flange.

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Heavy Double Pipe Chain Clamps

Technical Details / Advantages:
  • Clamping ranges 12 - 60"
  • Max. wallthickness: 20 mm
  • By removing the chain the links und jackbars the chain adjusts to the several pipe diameters

Delivery parts:
  • Pipeline chain clamp
  • Swivel
  • Two-parts terminal member

Heavy Double Pipe Chain Clamps
Heavy Double Pipe Chain Clamps

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Spare parts:
  • Double pipe chain clamp for heavy wall, 1920 mm long, without swivel, 7 jackbars
  • Swivel
  • Single jackbar
  • Two-parts terminal member
  • Three-parts chain extension
  • 2 x Terminal member with jackbar, 200 mm long
  • 2 x Chain extension with jackbar, 265 mm long
Heavy Double Pipe Chain Clamps ✓ Fast and safe pipe Alignment ✓ For diameter up to 60" ✓ Max. wall-thickness 20 mm ➠  LEARN MORE
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