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Heat exchanger Repair

Repair of an existing tube  heat exchanger can be more cost effective than buying a new unit. No matter whether it is on-site or in the plant the repair ofHeat Exchanger Repair the heat exchanger can easily be done with the right equipment. DWT provides a fast and effective solution to remove pipes with a higher wall-thickness from the tube sheet. Our pipe beveling machines MF2iw and MF3iw with a special milling head removes the old pipe and makes weld preparation for the new pipe in one operation.
Heat Exchanger Repair with MF2iw

Heat Exchanger Repair with MF2iw

Range of Heat Exchanger: 0,43" - 1,10 "
Weight: 2,7 kg

Heat Exchanger Repair with MF3iw

Heat Exchanger Repair with MF3iw

Range of Heat Exchanger: 0,71" - 3,98"
Weight: 5,5 kg

Heat Exchanger Repair ✓ Fast and effective Solution ✓ Special Milling Head removes old pipe ✓ Perfect Weld Preparation ✓ Made in Germany ➠  LEARN MORE
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