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Cleaning Stainless Steel Pipes

Pure welds start with preparation. In shops, dirt and grime accumulate rather quickly which can contaminate the purity of a weld. Cleaning the pipe beforehand, then, becomes a top priority as it helps to ensure a pure weld is achievable.

EZ Wipes industrial cleaning wipes as the industry’s top choice for pipe cleaning needs. EZ Wipes feature a specialized two-sided cleaning fabric: an abrasive side for difficult to remove pipe blemishes, and a smooth side for hidden contamination.

Preparation of pipe surfaces prior to welding can prove to be as critical to a clean weld as welding itself. The after effects of fabrication can lead to surface contamination and porosity if proper care is not taken to clean. This in turn can lead to unsound welds with poor mechanical properties, which require rework or replacement at the expense of precious time and money. To eliminate the worry of contamination around the weld zone and ensure a high-quality weld, has developed EZ Wipes.

EZ Wipes’ concentrated cleaning liquid allows for easy removal of cutting fluid lubricants, oils, inks, heavy grease, and some adhesives. The application of EZ Wipes extends beyond traditional pipe preparation as they have practical uses on machine parts, tools, bench top areas, toolboxes, vinyl surfaces, fabrication shop equipment, and other metal surfaces as well.

EZ Wipes combat the grime and dirt that gather in the busiest of shops and on the filthiest of pipes ensuring a clean environment for the purest of welds. EZ Wipes offer the most versatile solution for any industrial work environment.

Cleaning Wipes

  • More convenient and safer to use than traditional solution and rags
  • Provides a one-step controlled application allowing welders to maximize time spent welding and diminish time spent cleaning
  • Allow welders to maximize time spent welding; save payroll dollars by diminishing time spent cleaning
  • Single pouch provides a quick, convenient / effective method to clean almost any surface
  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chromium
  • Pipes
  • Machinery
  • Tools
  • Car Parts
  • Workbenches
  • Vinyl
  • Many Others

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