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Pipe cutting and beveling machine » Pipe cold cutting machine 2-48

Pipe cold cutting machine Range DLW 2-48"

For Pipe cold cutting of heavy wall steel pipe in pipe welding and pipeline welding operations

DWT Pipe Tools

The portable pipe cold cutting machine DLW has been developed in cooperation with European Offshore industry. A high metal removal rate, a large adjustment range and easy setup is given with this outperforming cold cut machine. The portable cold cutting equipment for pipes avoids any heat affected zone (haz) and was designed especially for cold cutting of steel pipe in heavy duty applications on-site and off-site. The high working speed and quick readiness for use allow economic manufacture of these machines.

pipe cold cutter•    Split-Frame Technology for endless heavy wall steel pipe
•    Extremely low weight of pipe cold cutter for easy handling and lifting
•    Compact dimensions for use in areas with limited access
•    Quick and safe clamping and adjustment of pipe cold cut machine
•    Cold cutting equipment developed with „On-Site Know-How“
•    Perfect pipe cold cutter for pipeline welding operations where cold cutting methods are often required


detail pipe cold cutter

Pipe cold cutting machine

The pipe cutting machine DLW is versatile in application and can perform many operations:
•    radial severing of pipes
•    simultaneous cutting and beveling
•    pipe end forming before weld preparation
•    inside-turning of pipe ends
•    flange facing for repair of flanges on-site

The application range of the pipe cold cutter is from 2 – 48 inch (76 mm - 1219 mm) O.D. and for wall thickness up to 80 mm. The split construction type machines can be mounted on assembled streches of pipes. Special equipment like remote control are available for limited access in pipeline welding operations.


cold cutting pipe detail


Design and Development of machines for cold cutting pipe

The pipe cutting machine is designed in a compact way with aluminium alloy components, which give huge benefits to the end user. The machine is very compact for limited access operations and reduced in weight for more ergonomic work.

  cold cutting pipe split frame

Tool bits for pipe cold cutting machine

Developed with German universities our tool tip solutions for pipe cutting and beveling provide an outperforming result for heavy wall pipe cold cut:

•    High metal remove rate for cold cutting steel
•    More durable cutter and reduction of consumables
•    Low cost of tool tips in cold cutting pipe procedure
Cutting Tools

 Pipe cutting tools
 Type of cutter
Cutting of heavy duty pipes by use of two cutters  Pipe cutting tool for heavy duty pipes
Different types of weld preparation by use of HSS form steels according to customer drawing  Pipe cutting tool for weld preparation
Simultaniously cutting and beveling of heavy duty pipes  Pipe cutting tool for cutting beveling
Simultaniously bevelling of both pipe ends (depending on wall-thickness)  Pipe cutting tool for bevelling both pipe ends

Drives for pipe cold cutting machine

The drives are a basic component of the pipe cutting machine. All motors are West-European standard. An adapter allows easy exchange of all motor types and sizes (pneumatic, hydraulic, electric).
Further Advantages:
  • Modular Design
  • Easy exchange on-site
  • Reduced investment

All pipe cutting machines are manufactures with metric screws, this reduces need of special tools on site, automatic feed mechanism allows a stable and constant work progress. Different drives, like pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical drives, are possible options.

Portable pipe cold cutter draw

Pipe cold cutting machines: Weights and dimensions

 Type A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) Range
 DLW 3-6  320  182  88,5   68 127 60,3-168,28  23
 DLW 4-8  367  232  88,5   68 127  88,9-219,08  27
 DLW 5-10  420  286  88,5   68 127 114,3-273,05  30
 DLW 6-12  470  340  88,5   68 127 141,3-323,85  34
 DLW 8-14  496  368  88,5   68 127 193,68-355,6  38
 DLW 10-16  550  421  88,5   68 127 244,48-406,4  42
 DLW 12-18  605  470  88,5   68 127 298,45-457,2  45
 DLW 14-20  655  525  88,5   68 127 330,2-508  50
 DLW 20-24  760  624  88,5   68 127 482,60-609,6  60
 DLW 26-30  920  775  88,5   74 127 635-762  83
 DLW 32-36  1068  928  88,5   74 127 787,4-914,4  93
 DLW 36-43 1250 1105 88,5  74 136 889-1092,2 105
 DLW 40-48 1420 1245 95  89 151 990,6-1219,2 125

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